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Web & e-mail hosting

Web & E-mail hosting:-

Do you wish to register a domain name or are you disappointed with your existing web & e-mail hoster...? YES...! Then contact us. There are far too many web hosters today that will only communicate via e-mail. This is absolutely useless when their or your service fails... How are you expected to contact them...? Call us "old fashioned" but we at CATalyst still use a phone, at the other end of which is a highly experienced technician who will process your call immediately.

Our mail servers use a variety hosting systems from hosted Exchange to simple POP3 and IMAP while our web servers can host all web design protocols including HTML, WordPress, .NET, Umbraco, Jumla etc.

As we are an IT support company we always prefer to host our clients web sites and manage their e-mail by hosting them on our own servers. This has the immediate twin benefit of allowing us to trace mail both inward and/or outbound whilst also ensuring that websites are always up and running.

On line (Off-site) Backups:-

With the increasing demand from insurance companies to implement a DRP (Disaster Recovery Plan) or BCP (Business Continuity Plan) keeping critical data that is fundamental to your business operation "off site" contributes considerably to DRP / BCP compliance.

While it is essential to run a "local" backup regime for the day to day recovery of say accidentally deleted items, off-site backups are for catastrophic data loss pehaps due to fire, flood or theft. This backup runs every night backing up nominated essential files e.g. accounts database, work in progress, important spreadsheets or documents. etc. to one of our managed off site backup servers. This data is encrypted and secure.

The backup occurs nightly followed by a success / fail e-mail to a nominated user and to CATalyst. This is charged per 1 gb per month via DD.  

Hosted Virtual Desktops (HVD) :-

With the expansion of the faster, fibre based broad band connections there is an ever increasing demand for HVD. This is perfect for companies that rely on staff that are constantly on the go. All the company data is stored on a cloud server with users gaining access to this via a simple web interface. Powered by Citrix and hosted in the UK this introduces a new level of flexibility to your organisation.