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Site Audits



Site audits are FREE and carried out for 3 prime reasons:-

1) The site infrastructure has "evolved" over a number of years and needs consolidating.

Very often with a rapidly growing business equipment is bought and added to ad-hoc over a short period of time. As demand grows there is often a need to consolidate and maximise the benefits of the system 

 2) Security; Is my site secure...???

Site security is broken down into several elements including loss of data, disaster recovery, system abuse, and external threats. 

 3) Legality

Question 1:- Have you got what you paid for...?

Question 2:- Are you unknowingly running illegal software...?

Questions 1 & 2 above are often bound together. Over the years CATalyst Systems have been involved in performing site audits for a both large and small system users. In one example we found that the entire Office suite, unknowingly supplied to 15 users of a local company, belonged to a Welsh university. In another the network equipment supplied and installed did not even come close to that which was specified and invoiced..!

If you have any concerns then please do not hesitate to give us a call for a discrete site audit.