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3CX Telephone Systems - VoIP North Wales


Why 3CX telephone systems...??? 

Easy. This is a Server, Cloud or p.c. based, NOT a traditional dedicated PBX based, telephone system. Irrespective of the superb features offered along with incredible pricing it is the simplicity of management due to the intuitive Internet web browser front end that controls it that has made 3CX a world beater.


Unlike standard PBX phone systems that require dedicated phones, their own cabling and "specialist" telephone engineers the 3CX system is IP based. In other words it connects to your network and is managed in the same way as your computer is. Look at it as a tiny p.c. with a handset.

The software is installed and managed from our cloud server, on your in-house server, or a workstation, plug in the phone and off you go. You are not restricted to a particular type of phone as you can use any IP based phone namely Cisco, Yalink, Snom etc.

If looking to replace an old costly creaking PBX system look no further. 3CX is definitely the way to go.


More information can be found about 3CX on their website