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Leasing Facilities

Note CATalyst Systems are authorised by the FSA to offer leasing facilities under FRN 716820

Due to the tax and cash flow benefits offered by Lease Rental many organisations are leaning towards this as the primary means to finance larger projects. Unlike buying equipment when you only get tax relief on the depreciated value of the equipment so calculated at the end of years 2/3/4 ALL lease rental payments attract FULL tax relief over the full term of the lease.

In effect an organisation can often on a 2 or 3 year lease with the benefit of the tax relief get the equivalent of "interest free credit"  Circumstances will differ for each company so we advise that upon presentation of a lease quote you contact your accountant to see if this can benefit you.

All equipment is excess of £1000 can be leased.

Note:- Title of the goods will be transferred to the company at the end of the lease or you can elect to have it all replaced with new.