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Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

"I keep a backup of my work.... isn't this enough...?" Fortunately many people to-day are fully aware of the consequences of NOT keeping a backup of their work and use a variety of methods to protect their data e.g. tape, disk, NAS, remote storage etc. But is having this data secure enough...? Have you asked yourself "how long will it be before I am up an running again...?" No... then you should.

Without a Disaster Recovery Policy (DRP) or Business Continuity Plan (BCP)  it could easily be more that a full day to get a file server serving 40 + users back up and running again. Have a look at your insurance policy... Business insurers are now starting to demand that a DRP / BCP be in place.

With the move towards virtualisation and based on the VMware platform the DRP that CATalyst employs allows us to typically recover a complete bare bone server in less than 90 minutes.

Call us now on 01745 816611 to assess your BCP / DRP options at no cost to you.