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Corona Virus

With the ever-increasing concerns around Coronavirus (Covid-19), our top priority at CATalyst Systems is the health and safety of our staff and you our clients. With that in mind we're taking proactive steps and following government advice to minimise the risks.

Our ongoing services & our support to you

Currently, we're operating our business as usual – customer support hours and connectivity services remain unaffected.

If national or local government advice changes, we're impacted in some way or members of staff have to self-isolate we do have robust contingency plans in place that will allow staff to manage e-mails, take phone calls and provide remote support should the need arise which will help to keep people safe and maintain the continuity of the services that we deliver.

Because we rely on supply chains and courier services to fulfil orders, we strongly recommend that customers plan ahead for any IT or VoIP projects they are planning to introduce. This will help to reduce the risk of us being unable to fulfil orders in the coming weeks if the situation changes.

In these unusual circumstances, we ask for your understanding if requests take longer than normal to complete. We'll let you know if there are any significant changes that are likely to impact you.

Your ability to deal with your clients or work remotely if required.

In the same way we may be impacted your business may also be impacted too. To that end we can help you prepare for this with being able to access mail or your own p.c. at work, remotely from home. We have procedures for and can advise on this.

For e-mails, if on Office 365 this is a relatively straight forward procedure. If on Exchange, POP3 or IMAP this will require a little more help. Note If wishing to work remotely it is vitally important that a robust anti-virus tool is installed and updated with the latest VDF prior to any remote use. Please call us if unsure about this.

For those using our VoIP telephony services we can arrange for your office phones to work from home as if at your desk in the office. i.e. your home basically becomes an extension off the office. This can be achieved either through your mobile on an APP or an IP phone and is very straight forward to achieve. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any concerns or advice we can offer you during these very testing times to minimise any disruption to your IT or VoIP needs in supporting, managing or dealing with your clients.